Myhro Hockey Performance

Myhro Hockey Performance operates within the context of MHP Consulting LLC.  The business provides hockey training, coaching, skills development, advising and mentoring to athletes.

As a pro Ice Hockey Trainer, I work with some of the best athletes in the New England Region.  Originally from Minnesota, I have been fortunate to learn the game from excellent coaches and mentors.   



Chris Myhro is one of the top development coaches in American hockey.  His insight and experience are invaluable for teaching skills, vision, and creative decisions.  As a high school, college, and professional player Chris was alwaysone-step ahead of opponents, because he anticipated their best options – even before they did.  Most coaches are not capable of teaching creative decision-making, so they just draw X’s and O’s for defensive coverage.  Chris understands how to help players anticipate and think in ways that highlight their skills against live defenders, not just around cones. 


Jack Blatherwick, PhD

Retired Physiologist–Assistant Coach

NHL, Olympic, College, and High School Teams